"La-ilaha-illallah-muhammadur-rasulullah" for the design of Islamic holidays. This calligraphy means "There is no God worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger".

 “Lā ʾIlāha ʾIllā Allah, Muḥammadun Rasūl Allah“, meaning “There no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah“.

O People, I invite all non-Muslims to accept Islam. I invite you to Islam. Become a Muslim.

I invite you with the invitation of peace.

The simple and clear-cut message of Islam, that there is no God but Allah, and that life should be lived in complete submission to the will of Allah

It is Allah Almighty Who calls people to Islam. It is important that we always remember this.

The way of life that Allah prescribed for all human beings is called ISLAM.

It is an invitation to Islam. All are welcome, young, old, black, white, Arab, American, even the British. It is an invitation to all mankind for all time.

I invite you towards peace, i.e. Islam